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Installations include selecting, purchasing & planting new materials, transplanting existing materials, composting, organic fertilizing, and mulching.

For significant changes to your outdoor space, a design can be created with your estimate to show how all proposed changes will look before work begins.
Designs include the placement of all new and existing plant materials, as well as walkways, fences, patios, etc.
Seasonal care ensures a healthy garden and a tidy appearance. A custom maintenance plan can be created for the specific needs of your outdoor space and can be adjusted throughout the season.
Maintenance plans can include all clean up services, as well as small scale enhancement installations of new and transplanted materials, such as shrubs & perennials. 

Every new job begins with an on site consultation giving us a chance to meet and discuss your needs.


I'll make suggestions for the best approach for achieving your goals and for the services suited to your project.
Recommended services are compiled into an estimate including a description of the project, projected labor hours, a list of materials, such as shrubs & perennials, and their individual costs. 
Clean ups are recommended for spring & fall, yet they can be scheduled anytime during the year.
A clean up allows you to see the full potential in your outdoor space and is the best way to prepare for a more involved garden project. 
Clean up services can include leaf & debris removal, weeding, hedge trimming, shrub & tree pruning, composting, organic fertilizer application, and mulching. 


Clean Ups


Design & Installation

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